Tuesday, January 17, 2012

USS Frigate Confederacy 1778 by Model Shipways - Shipping this week!

We have finally released the USS Frigate Confederacy 1778 by Model Shipways - shipping the first 25 units this week! Click here to read the press release!


  1. When will the instructions appear on the ight, as it bing an amirality model it would be vey inreresting to see the instructions

  2. I am thrilled to finally see this kit released. I worked very hard on her. I would like to let all of the folks know who build this kit to keep in touch. Should anyone have any questions please feel free to contact me. I can be found most days at www.modelshipworld.com

    You can also view my comprehensive build log of the prototype there.

    Enjoy the kit and keep me posted!!!

    Chuck Passaro

    1. Will there be a mast and rigging kit available in the future for those of us who would like to set up (accurate) rigging?

      Thank you