Tuesday, January 10, 2012

USS Enterprise built by Dr. James P. Melott, Jr.

Check out the pics of the USS Enterprise built by Dr. James P. Melott, Jr.! And if you have questions for him, I'm sure he'd be happy to hear from you!

Dr. Melott's comments: 

Mr. Garcia per your instructions I present the following information and request for your review and consideration. In 1998 or 1999, I purchased the Model kit #2040 of the USS Constitution. I ordered it
and put it away as I was working on the USS Enterprise and my second ship would be the USS Constellation (my Dad’s first ship.) Upon competition of the first two ships, I had planned to start on the Constitution. I finished the Enterprise in 2002 and stopped work on the Constellation in 2004, due to personal family issues; I am now starting to work on the Constellation. 

I have attached four pictures of the Enterprise it is my hope you enjoy them, and thank you for allowing me to present them to you. It took me 3,284 hours from Sept. 1997 to July 2002 to complete her. I cut all my own Black American Walnut hull planks on the ship and lifeboats. I cut all the planks on the gun deck from Flame Maple. The quarterdeck is planked with Live Oak harvested from the USS Constitution and sold in the Museum. I had to use eight packs to get enough for that little quarterdeck. All of the railings and wood trim on the ship and lifeboats are French Flame Maple from New England. I used a very high gloss finish to bring out and make the grain in the different woods glow. The transom Eagle, ships bell, the door and windows to the Captains quarters and bow bracing are all Gold Leafed. 

Most respectfully 

Dr. James P. Melott, Jr.
U. S. Navy Seabee Retired

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  1. Beautiful, inspiring work! I am envious of your talent and your ability to put blocks of time together.