Monday, December 12, 2011

Syren, US Brig 1803 - Built by Ron Neilson

Take a look at the pictures Ron Neilson submitted of his Syren, US Brig 1803 by Model Shipways - great job Ron! If you have questions about Ron's work, you can contact him via email and / or you should look to the Model Ship World Forum as there is a large repository of information on building this model kit!

Ron's comments: I enjoyed building your Syren immensely and thank you for offering this kit with superior build instructions and mostly very good contents out-of-the-box. I've also told Chuck Passaro how much I appreciated his superb work. I'm hoping to purchase your Model Shipways Confederacy next: a stunning model that will bring Model Shipways "game" up to the level - or beyond - your European competitors!


  1. absolutely beautiful i have built aircraft models 1/32 1/48 scale but no wooden models of ships.......YET!

  2. Ramon - join our Aviator's Flight Log and show us the pics of your aircraft models!