Friday, January 13, 2012

Customer Service

Hi Modelers,  my name is Tom, one of your Customer Service Representatives.  Please check this blog site for future updated information from our CSR department.
Happy Modeling
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  1. Hi Tom, I have been following Shipwright's Journal since early December. I joined, but I can't figure out how to post a new entry--so I'm tagging on your comment page. Also can't figure out how to post a picture with my profile. Please help!
    Ken DeBarth

  2. Hi Ken, Go to the right top of this home page and click onto sign in and this will bring up a Gmail page. Create a new account on Gmail. Once you have created the new account sign on, and go again to the top right hand corner, click onto your account, go to Blogger Profile, then Edit Profile, and scroll down to profile photo.
    If you need any help, give me a call 1-800-222-3876.

  3. Hi Ken, go to right top corner of this page and sign in. Create a new account with Gmail. Sign on with your new account, click onto Blogger Profile, Edit Profile and scroll down to Profile Photo. Give me a call if you need anymore help.