Friday, December 23, 2011

USS Constitution - built by William Bergmark

Check out the pictures William Bergmark submitted of his USS Constitution by Model Shipways - great job William! If you have questions about William's work, you can check out his build video on YouTube or contact him via email.

William's comments: I recently finished building the USS Constitution over the course of 11 months and have included a build log video on YouTube. 


  1. What a beautie
    11 months wow i been working on my ship for 7 years ;-)
    But I only work on it in the winter months
    Once again Congrats great job

  2. Hi Will!
    Nice job,looks like the real Ship. You should come on over to Boston in the summer and visit the ship, the tour is inexpensive. Better yet , come visit Boston the next time the Tall ships come thru(around the 4th july I think.)

  3. Absolutely fantastic! After building the HMS Endevor, which took me years, I can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this model.