Friday, January 27, 2012

Model Shipways Phantom built for FREE by A. Komarowski

Check out the great job A. Komarowski did on building his Build for Free Phantom by Model Shipways!  Now, the obvious question you have is - what do you mean he built it for free?

It's Model Expo's no-risk way of trying to bring new / potential ship modelers into the hobby. Basically, when complete your Phantom within 6 months and send us proof of purchase plus four photos of your finished model, Model Expo gives you a merchandise credit on your Model Expo account for the purchase amount (what you paid less tax and shipping) good towards any other kit or item we sell! It's that simple. And, there are boatloads (pun absolutely intended) of information on how to build the Phantom - even videos!

Share YOUR ship modeling passion with someone today!

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