Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to the Shipwright's Journal

Model Expo would like to welcome everyone to the Shipwright's Journal! The intent of this blog is to have a place for our customers to showcase in-progress or completed ship model kits and to share tips and tricks for ship modeling. In addition, Model Expo will provide updates on future Model Shipways kits such as the Revenue Cutter Roger B. Taney, The Gunboat Philadelphia, and more!

If you have something you want published to the blog, please send text / pictures via email to Model Expo Web Marketing!

Thank you and happy modeling!

Model Expo


  1. I am currently building the Niagara from Model Shipways. I am looking for help during construction and ideas on best construction ideas.

  2. Ben Lankford designed, drew the plans and wrote the instructions for the Model Shipways Niagara.

    I'm sure he'll be happy to answer any questions and give you construction tips for it.

    You can contact him at

    1. I am also building the Niagara. As a shipbuilder with 32 years experience (and a customer the whole time) I enjoy researching before building a kit. Where is a source of plans, other than those that came with the kit? The Niagara was rebuilt and I would have thought that at the time there would have been some fairly detailed plans drawn.

      Incidently, the improved plans and detailed booklets are a giant leap forward from when we used to get 1 page of poorly translated instruction and plans that had numerous errors. Some days I felt I learned more from the picture on the box than anything inside. Thanks to the efforts of Ben and others more people will likely stick with the hobby.

  3. Thank you, I 'll be sure to contact him

  4. Is there a target date for the PHILADELPHIA kit? What scale will it be? 1:64 (3/16" = 1') would be nice.

  5. Target release date for the Philadelphia is Summer of 2012. The kit will be 1:24 scale (the same as the Picket Boat). The finished model will be 26.65" long. We'll keep you updated on the progress.

  6. Is there still plans to re-release the Cutter Roger B Taney?