Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I've heard a lot of comments about the merits and drawbacks of single planking or double planking a hull. Which method do you prefer and why is one better than the other?


  1. Using double planking gives possibility to achieve much better uniform and exact shape of the body as well smoothness of the surface. This is much more time consuming though compared to standard, singe planking method. Personally, I do prefere double planking method.

    Jan Borla

  2. I prefer double planking. It allows you to shape things better and you can cover any imperfections prior to applying the finish outer layer. It is more work, but the end results is nicer.

    Vince Pirozzi

  3. I strongly agree. I prefer to let my models show the planking. I can't do this with single planking so all my single planked models are painted or copper covered. As far as the time required- so what? The faster I build, the faster I have a problem of where to display the ship. I have a very understanding wife as I slowly turn our house into a maritime museum.

  4. Interesting point about displaying your models. I know someone who built an addition on to his house so he could show all his models.

  5. I agree that double planking fairs the hull better and easier, but I believe it adds streinght to the hull and ship. It also allows for plank cutting mistakes that can be recovered. Personally, planking is my worst nightmare in modeling ships. But I love modeling ships.

  6. This is my first look at this Sight and I hope to learn a lot from it. Can someone point me to an article about transfering the lines on the model plans to the actual model. I wish to ensure a very clean hull. I have read a number of articles, but most still leave me in the dark. I have a Model of a Friggette Hjylland 1969 vintage by Billings boats which is quite aged and the plans are minimal although minimal in 6 languages. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. If you're still looking for help, call or email Frank Hodgeson at Model Expo. He's an excellent modeler and will be happy to you advice. You can reach him 9:00AM - 1:00PM weekdays at 800-222-3876 (ask for Frank), or email him at parts@modelexpo-online.com