Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Noank Historical Society's Emma C. Berry Model Kit Build

Larry Jacobsen and Roger Hambidge, shown with the EMMA C. BERRY ship model kit from Model Expo, licensed by Mystic Seaport, the current owner of the vessel. Roger will build the model for the 2016 exhibition at Noank Historical Society, on the 150th anniversary of the launching of the EMMA C. BERRY, which was built at the Palmer Shipyard, in Noank. The model kit was donated to the Noank Historical Society for this purpose by the family of Victor Burdick, to honor his memory. Roger will provide photos of the work as it progresses.


  1. Look forward to following this blog. I have an EB half done- great kit.
    Maybe you will inspire me to finish. Tell me more about the event in 2016

    John Oszajca

  2. John, thank you for your interest!

  3. Is there a practicum for this, I await arrival of the FEdEx driver tomorrow with the kit. My first project came out OK, The NB whaeleboat. It was forgiving enough for a beginner, but I hope to make a dramatic uptick with EB