Monday, December 19, 2011

Chaperon, Sternwheel Steam Packet 1884 - Built by Dennis Eversole

Check out the pictures Dennis Eversole submitted of his Chaperon, Sternwheel Steam Packet 1884 by Model Shipways - great job Dennis! If you have questions about Dennis's work, you can contact him via email.

Dennis's comments: I recently finished building Model Shipways Chaperon and I want to compliment your staff for a fine kit. The plans, instructions, and laser cut parts list are excellent. The fit of the the laser cut items was "right on" - especially the brass railings!


  1. Fine job, Dennis, well done
    Bob Crane

  2. Thanks Bob, I really enjoyed the build and she is a great conversation piece.
    Dennis Eversole

  3. Dennis,

    You did an excellent job! I'm woking on the Chaperon now. I have a question. I can't find any information on assembling the rudder assy. Could you direct me to where this is shown or explained in the instructions.

  4. The only reference I found on the rudders is shown on Sheet 5 of the plans. Look at side view bottom right and stern vier just above for spacing..

  5. Thanks Dennis,

    Mike Whalen