Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Another ship modeler request for assistance

Lawrence R Wendell Jr. of Glenwood, Iowa posted a message on Facebook regarding a re-build of his US Frigate ESSEX - we're hoping someone can help him. If you canhelp Lawrence, please reach out to him on our Facebook page!

Lawrence's post: I am trying to re-build my solid-hull of the US Frigate ESSEX, the problem I am having is that the masts got damage during my last move. Can anyone suggest what I can use to connect the upper masts to the bottom half. Should I just scrap it, and start anew, or pray for divine intervention.

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  1. Lawrence:
    I am assuming (please correct me if I am wrong) that the masts are broken in half. There are a couple of ways to possibly fix the problem. If the two ends are able to be fit together matching up the splintered edges without big voids the application of C/C or epoxy to the ends and then fitting the two pieces together will work. Some sanding and wood filler can make the damage almost invisible. This will work best if the mast is painted rather than a natural finish.
    The other way involves placing a pin into holes drilled into the end of each broken piece of the mast. The best way is if the pin is able to be aligned into each half so that it is a tight fit when the two pieces are brought together. If your accuracy is not that good in making the holes, enlarge one of the holes so that the pin fits into the hole and the mast pieces are able to be aligned as in the first method. Secure the pin in the piece with the tight fit first. Then use epoxy to fill the larger hole and also use the epoxy on the broken ends as in the first method and bring to two pieces together. Again, wood filler and sanding should complete the fix.
    Sometimes these fixes can be done with the rigging attached but often re-rigging is required.
    I hope this helped.