Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A request for Ship Modeling help from a customer

We received an email from Mel Tobin requesting help in restoring a few ship models. If you, or anyone youknow, lives in the Sacremento, CA area and can help Mel out, he would really appreciate it! You can reach Mel via email at

Mel's email:
I have been a loyal customer of Model Expo for a number of years and have built a number of model ships using your kits and tools. You have been very helpful over the years. Unfortunately, age has caught up and I am no longer able to build models, old hands do not stay steady enough and sometimes do not follow order.

I gave the ship models I had built to my son in California. One was the Cabot as well as the large model of the Flying Fish. I mention these two as they were damaged in shipping. They were shipped and insured by UPS. They both arrived in California very damaged and UPS refuses to accept any responsibility or to pay the insurance claim.

My son is really not interested in the money, he wants the ship models. He is very sentimental.
My question to you (and the ship modeling community) is to assist me in finding a model builder in California who would be interested in repairing the models; they will be paid for their efforts.
My son lives in the Sacramento area and if you think you can assist me in any way, please let me know.

Thank you, Mel Tobin 

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