Friday, July 20, 2012

USS Essex Update - Nearing the Finish Line!

We're nearing the finish line with the USS Essex, our latest addition to the
Model Shipways line of wooden ship model kits manufactured in the USA! Sam Cassano, the designer of the USS Essex for Model Shipways, is wrapping up the plans and laser cut files - we're hoping to be in production during the latter part of August!

U.S.S. Essex, 1799 by Model Shipways • Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit
Advanced Level • Model Shipways Kit No. MS2041
Length 27" / Height 8" / Width 5.25" (on beam)
Scale 5/32" = 1 ft. (1:76.8)

Based on the original Hackett draughts as well as her first Captain's personal papers and ship's log. Also from her builders' indents and the Howard painting showing her very early in her career.

-100 + page full color manual
-5 large sheets of plans
-22 laser cut bulk heads for ease of planking and shaping
-Single planked
-1 sheet of photo etch
-36 fully rigged guns
-3 piece cast quarter gallery with laser cut window frames for accurate ease of build and realistic looking details
-copper tape for 900+ plates
-20+ piece stove
-laser cut gratings

A special thank you to all of you Model Shipways tribe members who have already pre-ordered your USS Essex by Model Shipways - we appreciate you!

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