Friday, May 18, 2012

Step-by-Step Emma C. Berry Construction by Lee Herron!

Lee Herron sent us a bunch of pictures of his Model Shipways Emma C. Berry diorama - great work Lee! And, in addition, he sent us
a link to all of his work here:

And don't forget, you can build your OWN Model Shipways Emma C. Berry - check it out today!

Lee's comments: Diorama - of a fishing boat under repair. 
October 1866 and the smack Emma C. Berry is under full sail in Long Island Sound net fishing for cod offshore Noak, Connecticut, when suddenly, a strong Nor’easter storm fell upon them.

* Later named 1866’s Tropical Storm seven, winds of 70mph were recorded as she swept over nearby Long Beach Island. 

Her 6-man crew frantically tried to reduce sail, but by the time they had accomplished this, the unpowered sailing ship had been blown into rock outcroppings on the north shore of the inlet across from her pier. The crew frantically beached her and used her windless anchor line attached to a tree to haul her up onto the sandy beach before she sank.

They later raised her upon a quickly built Ships Ways where we now find the crew in busy making repairs to her hull to allow them to sail her to her home port for a badly needed complete overhaul.

The Emma C. Berry featured a “wet well” amidships where 260 ¾ holes allowed sea water to enter the wet well and keep the fish inside alive until they reached the markets.
*the dioramas base measures 29 ½ X 11 ½ inches and has been designed to fit nicely into Model Expos No. GM20 Oak Ship Model (glass) case. A temporary Oak stained frame has been fitted and will remove easily to mount into a case.

Construction completed April 26, 2012

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