Friday, May 25, 2012

A Gold Award Winning Picket Boat by David Richey!

Kurt Van Dahm, Director-Nautical Research Guild & Contributing Editor-Ships in Scale, sent us pictures of
David Richey's of award winning Picket Boat #1 by Model Shipways! David's Picket Boat #1was entered in the 36th Annual Midwestern Model Ships and Boats Contest and Display at the WI Maritime Museum in Manitowoc, WI this last weekend (Kurt was the contest director). This model took a Gold Award in the Advanced Modeler Class for Kit Models. Dave used a few parts from a large scale railroad supplier - Ozark Miniatures, to enhance the boiler, etc.

We think you'll agree, his award was WELL-DESERVED! Great job Dave and congrats on your win!

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  1. Great Job Dad! You deserved the gold award for all your hard detailed work on the boat. You've always done great work on the boats and trains you've built, ever since I was a kid. Boats and Trains have always been your true hobby, and you're very good at it. Great work. love Kristi