Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bruce Brown's HMS Bounty Launch in progress pictures!

Bruce Brown sent us in progress pictures of his build of the
HMS Bounty Launch by Model Shipways - awesome work thus far Bruce! We're looking forward to your completed pictures of this fine model!

Bruce's comments: Please find the attached photos of my partially completedHMS Bounty Launch. I plan on sending additional photos when I have it completed along with the glass display case. I really enjoyed building the kit as I had never built a model that required bending the frames. It definitely stretched my building skills, but I would encourage anyone interested in the kit to go for it. Make sure to READ AND STUDY THE INSTRUCTIONS (and understand them) prior to starting construction. I did the majority of building while on our camping trip as it allowed me hours of uninterrupted pleasure! I took some liberties in painting……..but hey, nobody knows what it looked like anyway!

Best regards,

Bruce Brown, Wenatchee, Washington

1 comment:

  1. Nice job, Bruce
    Bob Crane, designer of the kit