Thursday, September 19, 2013

A new set of kits perhaps? Anyone interested?

A builder of small model fishing boats has reached out to us and would like Model Expo to
"kit" his models underneath the Model Shipways line of model ship kits. My question for all of you: is anyone interested in these fishing boats? His work includes the Andrea Gail, Felucca, Salmon Trollers and more. You can find his work here:



  1. The subjects are interesting but these kits are not up to Model Shipways / Model Expos quality - very crude

  2. Whatever their quality, these are not modeling subjects with very wide appeal, IMO. I would prefer some attempt to replicate Navy Board models. The Pinnace, Longboat, and Confederacy(although American) come closest to that and they look very good. Any way to help modelers come close to achieving this pinnacle of the modeler's art while producing artistically attractive models would be most appreciated.