Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One of a kind Built Up Model Ships?

We recognize that ship modeling, or wood/metal modeling for that matter, is NOT for
everyone! To build one of our ship model kits from Model Shipways could take weeks, months, even years - and it takes a TON of patience! As such, there is an entire "other" market out there that caters to the built-up ship model crowd. These models, while marketed as Made in the USA, are usually made in China or another part of Asia-Pacific and the average modeler usually doesn't know the difference. We believe, however, that another market potentially exists - the middle market - those modelers in the know that do not desire to spend a ton of time on building a model kit. What to do?

With this in mind, we are considering selling our one-of-a-kind Model Shipways USS Constitution - the one you see in the pictures, in our marketing pieces, in our catalogs and fliers. This is YOUR opportunity to own this beautiful kit at a seriously affordable price. If you're interested, please email me directly at - we'll take all standard payment methods to include PayPal AND we'll ship it to you in a custom box for FREE!

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