Friday, July 5, 2013

Frank Ryczek, Jr.'s Latest Ship Model Restoration Project

Frank Ryczek, Jr. of Jacksonville, Florida sent us pictures and an update on his
lastest ship model restoration project. Enjoy the pictures and the comments from a superb ship modeler!

Frank's email: Ahoy there Eric-

This model came to me from a family in Fernandina Beach, Florida. This is the 9th ship model in the series. The son's father recently passed away and they found these old ship models that the old man built while in college in the 1930's. They were referred to me by my good friend at the Jacksonville Maritime Museum as I am affiliated with the museum. I am also past president of the Jacksonville Ship Modeler's Society.

This model was in drastic condition, very dirty with just the hand carved and painted hull and two upright masts. That's it!

I took scale measurement and the model was done in 1/72nd scale! I decided to do her as a early Colonial Navy brig of war from 1775! Having amassed a lot of ship model fittings over the past 40 years I started digging through parts and fittings and many parts are old Model Shipways fittings and blocks. I found the cannons 12- 32 pounders which I mounted midship and aft and two smaller bow chasers. I turned the yards with my electric drill and scratched out the ship's cradle from strip wood and mounted the two ship launches and lashed them down. Two hatch gratings were built from Model Expo grating strips and framed out.

About 3 months worth of time and research went into the model! I'm very pleased with the model restoration and this model will be added to the other eight I also restored. Sorry I did not take pictures of the other eight models. Perhaps I can get the family to take a few shots in the future.

I have a hardwood base with clear acrylic upright holders for the model to sit on. A brass name plate will be added!

I would like to once again thank Model Expo for their top of the mast parts and service!

High tides always-

Frank Ryczek, Jr.
Maritime Artworks Limited
Jacksonville, Florida

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