Thursday, June 13, 2013

Model Shipways Fair American built by Bert de Pedro!

At 82 years old, Bert de Pedro recently complted his 6th ship model - the
Model Shipways Fair American 14-Gun Privateer - awesome work Bert! Like many of our customers, Bert originally built European kits and has made the switch to Model Shipways kits made in the USA - welcome to the tribe Bert and best of luck on your next kit!

Bert's comments: I purchased my 6th ship model, the Fair American 14-Gun Privateer , from Model Expo in July 2011 and just finished it. Admittedly I do not work on it all the time. This was my first model from Model Shipways (all my others were European) and I cannot compliment them enough on the detail and explanations in their instructions.

It was by far my most intricate ( and in many ways, frustrating) challenge. My only comment is that the choice of "strings" for the various rigging parts was vague and I had to guess most of the time on which ones to use. I also learned a lot of nautical terms for a landlubber, with great help from Frank and a nautical terms website.

Finishing the model leaves an empty spot in my activities, but I fear this may be my last model, since I am now 82. On the other hand, I am usually left with the feeling " I can do better on the next one" and I can still thread the lines thru the smallest blocks without glasses, so who knows.

Again, thanks immensely for a long and most satisfying project. Now I need to find a place to show it without my wife complaining about another dust-catcher!!!

Bert de Pedro

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