Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gunboat Philadelphia feedback from Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown recently sent us some feedback regarding the Gunboat Philadelphia by Model Shipways. Bruce recently
visited the Smithsonian American History Museum and the Watermen's Museum and had this to say regarding his visits - we like what Bruce has to say!

Bruce's comments: I just spent the past 7 weeks at the Watermen's Museum completing and adding to your marvelous new kit of the Gunboat Philadelphia. (The Watermen's Museum is constructing a similar Gunboat - the Henry - on the shore of York River.) My experience was a joy as I discovered the excellent materials, the computer planning and laser cutting that went into the kit. I have had numerous opportunities to share my impressions with the visitors to the museum and have repeatedly given your email address to interested observers. 

After going to the Smithsonian American History Museum to actually see the Philadelphia, I decided to make sails and add a lower spar to the model. By adding these elements to the kit I found that it more clearly reflects the reality of the original boat. I purchased some muslin that was very similar to the material supplied for the canopy and sewed seams to simulate the original patterns. The excellent model in the Smithsonian was the inspiration for the additions, as were the photos of the Philadelphia II built in 1981.

Best wishes for further projects of American historical vessels.

Bruce Brown

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