Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Year Full of Opportunities!

Hey Model Shipways Fans! 2013 brings us a year full of new opportunities - both from an offering and a modeling perspective! Here are just a few
of the items we have on-tap for 2013:

  1. USF Essex - After a few bumps, we're in the home-stretch, shouldn't be long now before this masterpiece from Sam Cassano is in production!
  2. English Pinnace - Another simple yet elegantly designed kit from Chuck Passaro - nearly ready, laser cuts in progress!
  3. Gunboat Philadelphia - Another great Civil War era kit from Bob Crane - nearly ready, lasers & casting in progress!
  4. Sam Cassano is going to develop a cross-section kit out of our Constitution! More details to follow!
  5. Bob Crane is going to develop the USS Cairo!
  6. Chuck Passaro is going to (potentially) convert some of our Model Shipways Solid Hull kits to Plank on Bulkhead - Sultana? Harriet Lane? Others?
  7. And a few other things are on the horizon as well - still fleshing out the ideas.
What does it all mean? 

Model Shipways will continue to be THE LEADER in model ship kits!

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