Thursday, March 22, 2012

A little Model Shipways love from Melbourne, Australia!

We recently received an email from Phil Ward in Melbourne, Australia regarding our Model Shipways HMS Bounty's Launch. At 84 years of age,
Phil is just getting started in the hobby! All of our Model Shipways ship model kits contain what Phil calls out in his email below. From precision cut wood, quality materials, easy-to-follow instructions, and an industry-leading guarantee - why would you NOT buy a Model Shipways ship model kit?

We look forward to progress reports on Phil's work and sincerely hope he, and all of you, pay the hobby forward! Share your work, share your passion, and get someone NEW involved TODAY!

Phil's comments: I recently bought this kit in a store in Melbourne,Australia. This message is to pass on my congratulations to you for the excellence of the precision of cutting, material quality,clarity of drawings and clarity of written instruction. I am new to the hobby of model building, but at age 84 I hope to continue to make 'em for a while yet. Thank you for providing such a superior kit.

Sincerely Phil Ward 

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