Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chuck Passaro's Pinnace - a New Model Shipways Kit?

If you're in the New London, CT area on Saturday, April 28th, you should stop on by the Ship Model Conference & Show; if you're not in the area, maybe you should make plans to attend. At the show (details below),
Chuck Passaro will be using the Pinnace as a part of a hands-on demonstration of basic ship modeling technique workshop. Of course, all laser cuts for this ship model were provided by Model Expo.

This particular ship is 5.75" long as it stands. In chatting with Chuck, he would increase the size to around 8.5" long (3/8" scale) - and we believe it would make another fine addition to our Model Shipways line - a complimentary kit to our 18th Century Longboat, the beginnings of a "small boat" line?

Show Details:

Ship Model Conference & Show Registration Form
Ship Model Conference & Show Flyer


  1. I'd love to see this project done in 3/4" scale. . . the same as Model Expo's "Bounty's Launch, which I'm working on right now. . . very pleased with the kit so far, despite a few mistakes I've made. . . I've become interested in the boats carried on the old wooden warships. . . think it would make a great series of models

    1. I strongly agree with the pinnace in 1/16 {3/4} scale to compliment the bounty launch. At 3/4 scale, the detail would be outstanding.

  2. If we were to make this kit in 3/4 scale, we could add a lot more detail and it would probably be easier to build.