Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wayne Tripp's Harriet Lane by Model Shipways!

Wayne Tripp recently sent us pictures of his Model Shipways
Harriet Lane Civil War Gunboat great work Wayne! Wayne is new and now has the wooden ship kit modeling fever - welcome to the tribe Wayne! Please continue to send us pictures of your work for all to see!

Wayne's comments: I bought the kit on a whim a bit over a year ago at a local hobby store and am now hooked on wooden ship kits. Have since bought 2 more kits from you folks (Corel’s USRC Ranger and the MS Emma C. Berry). I also was the lucky individual that bought your 21 FT. English Pinnace (1750-1760) that was donated to the MSW website.

Attached are a couple of shots of the Harriet Lane – currently in the process of installing the chainplates and lower deadeyes for the main mast, then will be finishing the rigging on both masts.

Thanks for all of the support you folks have provided – I know it has made a difference for me!

On MSW and MSB forums I am trippwj

Wayne J. Tripp, MEP

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  1. Nice job on the paddle wheels and specifically the hand ropes on top. I built this kit in 99' and donated it to a USCG unit. This was a very good looking kit!