Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Frank Ryczek Jr's Fair American by Model Shipways

Check out the photos Frank Ryczek Jr sent of his completed Fair American by Model Shipways - great job Frank! Completing this kit in less than a year was a definite challenge - awesome job! Be sure to send us pictures of future builds.

Frank's note to Model Expo: 

Dear Model Expo-

Please find photos of my finished ship model of the FAIR AMERICAN by Model Shipways.

These photos were taken by my good friend and scale modeler Bill Bonner at our weekly scale model club meeting held at Hobby Lobby Craft Store in Mandarin Jacksonville, Florida.

This model was built on commission for Mr. Joshua Herbstman of Gainsville for his private collection. I have produced 8 other ship models for Josh over the past twenty years, all 8 being plastic Revell and Heller kits. This is the first wooden ship in his collection, with many more that he wants me to build.

The keel was laid in March of 2012 and the Fair American was completed on February 9th, 2013! A 10 1/2 month process but a labor of pure love.

Much research was done on the model and especially to her rigging. I found the rigging plan very complicated to follow so I researched a Colonial two masted brig on line. I used this plan to rig out the Fair American and I think she looks fantastic.

The kit gave the option for rigging out the cannons and I decided to rig them all out with breaching lines and gun tackle. It was tedious but added a lot to her deck. Swabbing tubs were added and purchased from Model Expo as well as extra blocks needed for the rigging out process. I added cannon balls which are actually bird shot. Close enough!

This is my very first all wood plank on bulkhead kit and I learned quite a lot from this kit and I feel that it has made me a much better scale modeler in the process. Right now I am hooked on wooden ship models and I will not have to look any farther than Model Expo for supplies and support. THANK YOU!!

Frank Ryczek, Jr
Maritime Artworks Limited
Jacksonville, Florida

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