Friday, February 3, 2012

Sultana Colonial Schooner built by Mike Sanderson

Mike Sanderson submitted pictures of his Sultana Colonial Schooner by Model Shipways - solid job Mike! And, congratulations on your retirement - keep yourself busy with ship modeling!
Mike's comments: Over the years I have built several kit wooden ship models and two from scratch; however my most recent was over fifteen years ago. Recently retired, I took an old Model Shipways kit (Sultana- 1 sheet of instructions) that had been purchased in 1980 and decided to "get back into the hobby" with it. I did not use the metal fittings but built the anchors, pumps, cannon, etc from scratch. All in all, it was a good refresher for me.

The kit had been purchased for my father-in-law who never had the opportunity to work on it. It was passed to my son who had little interest and back to me in the mid-90's where it lay dormant until this spring.

Mike Sanderson

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