Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dr. Rodrick Chima's USS Syren by Model Shipways!

Check the pictures Dr. Rodrick Chima submitted of his Syren, US Brig 1803 by Model Shipways - awesome work Rod! Rod received this for a Christmas present and completed it is a short amount of time - simply great work. We're looking forward to more of your work Rod - perhaps the USF Essex?

Rod's comments: Last October, Ray Castner and I went to a Hobby Show in Cleveland and I bought a ship model. Cinda "gave" it to me for Christmas, and I started it on Jan. 2. 217 days and 526 hours later it is finished. Some photos are attached below.

The USS Syren was a 240-ton brig built in 1803. It served in the First Barbary War and the War of 1812, until it was captured by the British. At 1/64 scale the model is 32" long.


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  1. What fantastic work! I am but a novice but perhaps some day, I can produce an heirloom like this for my family.