Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Customer Needs Assistance for Ratlines - Who Can Help?

Fellow Shipwrights - one of your tribe members needs your help in building ratlines. G T Riley sent
us the following email:
  • Gentlemen, I have developed arthritis in my hands which is particularly troublesome in building ratlines for sailing ship models. Do you know of anyone who is making pre-made generic ratlines for sale? Revel used to include them in some kits in the past, but were of no help on inquiry. It strikes me that these could be molded out of a flexible material which could be trimmed for length and number of strands. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have. G T Riley
If you, or you know someone, who can help out your fellow modeler, please click here to reach out to G T Riley via email.

Thanks team!

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  1. I also need help building or getting someone to build ratlines for a 2 ft. long Flying Cloud...I would pay someone to tie them for