Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Boneyard Spring Cleaning

Are you a scratch builder or a kit basher? Want to help us clear out our "boneyard" of model ship kits?
Well we've got something special for you! We are in the preliminary stages of launching our Model Expo eBay store - a store that will be used to auction off various products to include ALL of our boneyard kits - kits that were used as a source of parts! From Amati, Artesania Latina, Constructo, Mantua, Panart, Euromodel, and more, we've got some interesting boxes of parts that will go for SUPER CHEAP! Take a look at the pictures below - you may see something that interests you!

Two listings that we currently have up for auction now are:
More will be added soon - keep any eye out there, on Facebook, and in our consumer email specials!

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