Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Attention Model Shipways Syren Builders!

For those of you who own and/or are currently in the middle of building the
Syren US Brig, 1803 by Model Shipways, we have an important update! We recently updated the carronades for the Syren US Brig, 1803 and we want to ensure that you purchased the kit prior to January, 2013, that you have the opportunity to place an order for them - FREE OF CHARGE! Thomas Gahm recently did so - here are his comments:

Thomas Gahm's comments: I just wanted to thank you for the new Syren carronades which you sent me free of charge and which I received yesterday. It is a pleasure to see how Model Expo stands behind the quality of its products. I can assure you that in me you have a totally satisfied customer who will happily recommend the Syren kit to fellow model builders.

Thomas Gahm


  1. How does one order the updated carronades?

  2. Call us at 800-222-3876 and tell the customer service team that you need them - it's that simple!


  3. +1, received my new carronades, much improved, thanks